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Powered Aluminum Dragon 28 Apr 2018 01:44 #1097

Switched to #4 finishing nails into soft pine for my rib fixtures.....It was easier to locate on the edge of the line, they drove in easier than the drywall screws. The soft pine works better than ply because it does not splinter and is softer.


Powered Aluminum Dragon 08 May 2018 14:43 #1098

I was able to talk a local mechanic into letting me use a very old bending brake he was not using. It probably is from the 30's it is massive but for perfection sake would need major re-work. My existing brake was rated for 22 ga (1/32) but the 4 ft. .025 hardened material was not bending straight and was very hard to bend. I had to use a pipe on the handles. Any slight variation in radius along the bend will cause a bow. The existing brake was flexing in the middle. All of these style brakes flex in the middle. Also often the middle is more worn. Even the big brake did not bend straight but the larger pieces were better and easier to bend. The smaller ones have a large bow. On these pieces it is not much of an issue because they will be straightened in the fixturing of the assembly and looking at the picture with the small clamps they straighten up easily.

The big issue I was concerned about was the Trailing Edge, as there is a long distance between the Warren Style Ribs. However I was able to get it straight with the fluting pliers. It will be fabric covered so the flutes will not show. All in all it is going nicely, I have to cut out parts on the rest of that 23 ft. sheet so I can use the table to begin assembly of the aileron.

Powered Aluminum Dragon 29 May 2018 23:32 #1101

The parts keep adding up,....starting setup for aileron....sort of like a big model, paste the wood over the plans, except it is aluminum.The 100% rag paper was not stable enough for 22 ft. of drawings....worked for the details but that was just too big, wrinkles bad dimensions. I ended up plotting on Mylar, and that looks much better. I am able to hold 1/64 over the whole 22 ft. and I am not sure if the tape measure is that good. Several minor changes to the design had to be made.....It looked good on paper so they say but when I saw the assembly I changed it. Riveted the splices on one long piece, and got my hinge material from Spruce.


Powered Aluminum Dragon 23 Oct 2018 01:28 #1207

still working .....had to reinforce the aileron ribs....maybe when I finish it will pass the 9 psf limit load test. 

Powered Aluminum Dragon 09 Nov 2018 22:03 #1208

Passed the "Limit Load Test"....9 psf per FAA Glider Criteria....that number includes gust loads.....243 lb on a 17 lb full span aileron. I
had estimated the aileron might weigh 12 lb so I have taken somewhat of a
hit on weight all aft of the CG...but 10 lb more total weight is better
than an in-flight failure.

Powered Aluminum Dragon 14 Nov 2018 18:36 #1209

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