Daniel Indermühle

Started building 1996 - Firse flight 2000


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Daniel reports, "After four years of building, and of course at least one sleepless night, the first flight of my great love affair has been performed last sunday, december the 17. 2000, at the airport of interlaken, by towing behind a car.  First "flight" was just about 5 meters above ground to make sure the plane does what I expected of it. Then followed two towings up to 200 meters ground.  Thanks a lot to any body for all the help, whether it was support in building, technical advice, encouraging, or just doubts if this thing would ever fly!  Well it does - an as far as I could find out in the short flights - it does quite well!!" 

Previous reports:  Building stronger wing.  Complete load test at 4G (with total weight plane + pilot 150 kg) two-piece door in place of one-piece. I have redesigned the wing and horizontal-stabilizer with CAD to produce with CNC. DXF-files are available.  Move wheel back.  Concerned about plans vs. amount of aileron deflection.