Graham Betts' Carbon Dragon

Somewhere in Australia!

Started Building 1990s - Started Flying 1996

Built sometime in the 1990s - thanks to Erik Jan Brans for these only known photos of this CD.

[2017 - Erik Jan Brans writes: The meeting with three CD’s from Graham Betts, Frank Smallman and Clyde Farquar was at Glenn Innes I recall on april 1st 1998, date marked on the photo. The other field photo’s are from Frank, also Glenn Innes. I have doubts about the photo’s marked Graham. I think it is his CD, but am not sure.]

Changed incidence on H. Stab.  Building parallel to the boom results in heavy nose down pitch.  Also, Betts at 198 pounds, changed his seating position towards the rear which required extensions on the rudder pedals. SHA 12/97