Mick Robson

UK and USA

Started building 19?? - First Flight 19??

Hi Philip, always good to hear from some one building a dragon, it's a great experience to build and then fly it, I have a lot of admiration and respect for all involved in its design. Unfortunately I don't have the skill nor am I the right weight to do it it's full credit, though it dose give me some excellent flights, and I can only imagine what a 90 lb girl would achieve with it... but I'm not a 90 lb er nor do I intend running it off a hill, so certain aspects of the design don't help me.

Every one I know has had to add weight to the tail. Moving the fin to the end of the boom has done away with that necessity and with the horizontal stabilizers new location in clean air it trims out better and is clear of the grass.

I've also done away with the original spoiler that shuck the tail and added conventional spoilers in the wings so now I can come in high over the trees and still land short.

I'd love to build another one but cannot justify it as this one dose so good, but if I did I'd do away with the flapperons and use more carbon i.e. in the D cells and spars.   -   Mick.