Michel Clas

First flight: ~2000


Article vol libreVol Libre magazine c2000: Michel Clas had fun in a superb achievement! The first Carbon Dragon built in France, to our knowledge, was flying for the first time on October 23 in the southwest. According to the test driver, it is healthy and very sweet at the controls. This ultra-lightweight glider is sold on American plans for many years. Twenty bundles have been sold in France. Wood construction, carbon cloth and it is a high wing. Weighing just over 70kg, it has the particularity to be foot launched, the legs of the driver through a hatch in the cockpit is closed after the flight. We can also put in flight the elastic, behind ULM, winch, etc. Because of its potential flight at low speed it has the reputation of being an excellent eye-catching in small conditions. More than fifty machines of this type would fly in the world. There remains the problem of insurance with this tool is that flying without motor (ULM), has no statutory existence in France! Nonsense in our meanderings and administraitifs katkaiens.













Le Carbon Dragon à Michel Cals après motorisation. Un bel article lui est consacré dans le "vol libre" n°306 de janvier 2002. Page 46-47-47.
Michel Clas' Carbon
Dragon after he added an engine. A nice article dedicated to him can be found in the Vol Libre magazine n ° 306 January 2002, pages 46-47.